„ An effervescent sensation for everyone who loves the exclusive and the unique.
Pomp is an exceptional blend of our superior quality German Riesling sparkling wine and organic
Champagner-Reinette apples. Pomp is Germany’s most elegant and smoothest sparkling wine.”

Welcome to the exclusive world of Pomp

A realm of gloriously bubbly light sensuality, that expresses a pure and pristine zest for life. We pay homage to all things delectable, enjoyable and pleasurable – such is our Pomp family philosophy.

Our unparalleled Pomp blend is a tradition centuries old, that on special festive occasions dating back to the days of Goethe – Germany’s globally honored poet, it was a practice to mix apple wine with sparkling wine, to create the blend that was known for its sheer unbelievable finesse.

The Pomp collection

An exclusive blend of German Riesling sparkling wine and the organically grown Champagner-Reinette apple. Full bodied but light, with a tangy zest that is refreshing ~ the classical note of the Champagner-Reinette apple. With Pomp – less is really more! Reduced alcohol, fewer calories and less acidity than conventional sparkling wines, Pomp is harmoniously well balanced. Everything that you need to feel attractive, slim and fabulous!

  • english_pomp_rose

    Pomp rosé

    Sexy, sublime, extravagant and fruity.

    80% German Riesling sparkling wine from the finest vineyards, Pomp is blended with organically grown Champagner-Reinette apples from the state of Hessen’s orchards and enhanced with black currants.

    Riesling seduces the tongue while Champagner-Reinette and the subtlety of Cassis lingers as a pleasant aftertaste.

    18g residual sugar. Dry alcohol 11,1%. Less acidity.

  • english_pomp_blanc

    Pomp blanc

    Elegant, fresh and in gentle harmony with a pearly mousseaux.

    The full bodied creation of 80% world-class German Riesling sparkling wine trysted with biodynamic Champagner-Reinette.

    12g residual sugar. Brut alcohol 11,9%. Less acidity.


The Pomp chronicle

the ancestors of the Höhl-family established a winery in Hochstadt near Frankfurt/Germany. Their speciality: wine made of apples, that the upper class liked to mix with sparkling wine. A local favourite was born.

Rudolf Höhl established the company Höhl as the largest cider-vineyard in Germany.

Johanna Höhl composed the Pomp. A marriage between sparkling wine from Riesling grapes and Champagner-Reinette. An exclusive combination that makes the Pomp unique in the world.

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